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Environmental service of Wallis and Futuna

Deputy Head of the Environment Department for less than a year, I have been involved in all areas of the Environment, particularly in Wallis and Futuna. I coordinate the actions of the Biodiversity and Water Division and the Waste and Energy Division of the Service. Before being promoted to assistant, I was recruited in Wallis as head of the Waste division for 2 years, following a year’s experience as an environmental toxicology study engineer at ANSES in Fougères after having successfully completed my technical thesis on the evaluation of the toxicity of emerging biotoxins.

In recent years, some coral reefs and seagrass meadows have been monitored to evaluate their evolution over time. These follow-ups are carried out by the Territorial Environment Department of Wallis and Futuna (cf.after named STE) concerning the seagrass beds, by CRIOBE in collaboration with the STE for the reefs located on the outer slopes of Wallis, Futuna and Alofi, and by the Reef Check association for the lagoon reefs of Wallis.The frequency of monitoring is irregular and the number of monitoring stations, coral in particular, remains low given the surface of the present reefs and their diversity.

The stations implanted by CRIOBE are allocated on the external slope: 2 on Wallis, 2 on Alofi and 2 on Futuna. The Reef Check network includes 4 monitoring stations, all located in the lagoon of Wallis. The seagrass network is exclusively located on Wallis and includes three monitoring stations, implemented in 2014 in collaboration with Sandrine Job and the CNRS (LEMAR unit, Brest). The STE wish to become more actively involved in the monitoring of the marine environment and strengthen its network of observation of Coral reefs.

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