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Raimana DOUCET

Direction de l’environnement, French Polynesia

Hi, I’m Raimana, 28 years old and working for the authority of environment of French Polynesia. I studied coastal and sea management in Montpellier, France. I’ve been working for the AE of French Polynesia since 2017. My main focus being the Biosphere reserve of Fakarava, I implement numerous projects in order to meet the protected areas scopes for habitat and species conservation.

The presentation will focus on the Polynesian marine protected areas and their management (laws, authorities, integrated management). Coral reefs’ being the only habitat for lagoon fishes and other reef species, their protection is vital not only for the intrinsic conservation of the species but for the lagoon and marine ecosystem as a whole and for the resources for the fishermen and their outcomes.

Protected areas are regulated by the environment code of French Polynesia. This code displays an exhaustive list of all the protected areas of FP classified according to their goals within the 6 categories of protected areas.

According to their categories, management goals are likely to differ from one another, and some of them are mainly protected because of the habitats they represent.

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