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Letter of intent to participate in the international network MANACO (Modern tools for innovative coral reef MANAgement and COnservation)

MANA: meaning in polynesian: “energy of the spirit”

This letter expresses the mutual intent in participating to the creation of the ManaCo network. ManaCo will be an international network of coral reef actors bringing together local communities, volunteers and stakeholders with scientists to improve the conservation of coral reefs. The focus will be on creating solidarity and building a bridge between indigenous/local knowledge and scientific innovation.

To reach this goal, the consortium will provide:

  • Exchange and sharing of technical expertise, knowledge and resources
  • Education and dissemination of information
  • Linkages between researchers and communities
  • Booster of joint financial application

The following persons accept to become members of the consortium as individuals and do not necessarily represent their institutions with which they are affiliated:

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